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“I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility.” bell hooks

Our current systems are not fit to meet the scale of challenges that communities are facing. What could we learn and how could we collaborate for more sustainable and regenerative futures? What if… the breakdown of systems and structures around us opens opportunities for transformation?

We’re told that communities don’t feel heard, or that they lack opportunities to inform and participate in their own future activation and regeneration. I also hear that GEDSI practitioners feel alone, stressed, disillusioned with ever increasing workloads and the churn of the system – leading to burn out.

The concept ‘community of practice’ is underpinned by an assumption that learning is a social process rather than a passive act of knowledge transfer. I am deeply inspired to build a ‘community of practice’. The ‘who’ being – ‘my’ community of development peers, working with under-represented communities. The ‘what’ is strengthening our skills of embedding social inclusion – the ‘ how’ includes a repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems — in short, sharing, unpacking and building upon our shared practices.

Here’s a quote from one of the learners…

Earlier in the year International Water Centre supported myself and colleagues from The University of the South Pacific and Solomon Islands National University to take part in this 6 week course diving into diverse SOGIESC and development. Relevant to anyone working with or alongside communities in the development and humanitarian space. So many learnings, challenges to the way we practice, and chances to explore topics in a safe environment. Lana Woolf is a gentle and generous facilitator. Recommended!

Rosie Sanderson – Engineer & Project Officer – WASH & Waste at International WaterCentre

Online Learning Experiences

Certificate Programs

Advance your career and build your confidence with a 3-6 month action-oriented learning experience made up of cohort and self-paced courses.

Cohort Courses

Collaborate with a global community in our 6-week online courses and apply new skills to your day-to-day work to increase your impact. Live course webinar weekly.

Self-Paced Courses

Learn anytime, anywhere. Boost your skills with flexible, short-form online courses designed to fit your life. Access 90 days from purchase.

Community of Practice

Access the Community of Practice. Share and exchange practice experiences, access additional specialist support, and engage with your peers.

Free Courses for Pride Month

Pride & Power: The Origins of Pride Month. A free course for anyone who would like to understand the history of Pride. How it started and why it is celebrated today.

Beyond Pride: Year Round Action. A free introductory course for local and international community development organisations on how they can show their support beyod Pride Month.

Really enjoyed the quotes, images and information in the Pride & Power course. Great way to learn more about the history of Pride and activism driving social change and rights for the rainbow community. The Beyond Pride course goes a step further and encourages allies to demonstrate their commitment year round, offering practical ways for organisations and individuals to take action. Highly recommend for those wanting to learn, and do, more.

Renae Davis – Water Aid Australia. Regional Safeguarding Lead

Social Inclusion Courses

Unpacking Power: In international development practice

Asynchronous learning

Self-Paced within 30 days

Cost: $225.00 AUD

GEDSI Coaching Program

8 x 1:1 coaching Sessions

Self-Paced within 8 months

Cost: $1125.00 AUD

SOGIESC & Development Course

Asynchronous learning

Self-Paced within 3 months

Cost: $330.00 AUD

GEDSI Coaching Program

8 x group coaching sessions

14 August – 02 October 2023

Cost: $880.00 AUD

SOGIESC & Development Course

6 week cohort course

6 Nov to 11 Dec 2023

Cost: $550.00 AUD

SOGIESC & Development Course with Coaching Bundle

6 week cohort course & 8 x 1:1 coaching sessions

Cost: $1600.00 AUD

SOGIESC & Development Course with Coaching Bundle

6 week August cohort course & 8 x group coaching sessions & Gender & Dev Community of Practice

Cost: $1300.00 AUD

Gender & Development Course for your organisation

6 week cohort course for </=25 people.

$15,000.00 AUD

Gender & Development Course for your organisation

Asynchronous learning for </= 25 people

Cost: $7000.00 AUD

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two distinct ways to learn at Community Powered Responses—cohort courses and self-paced. Each has a different structure and schedule: 

Cohort Courses

Cohort courses run on a set calendar, with fixed start and end dates. Course learning is self-paced within those dates and requires approximately 2-4 hours per week over 6 weeks. Courses consist of videos, activities, assignments, access to a global community of learners.

Cohort courses also provide 2-hour video weekly webinar, held weekly by the teaching team. They occur during set times.

Self-paced courses

Self-paced courses take between 10-25 hours to complete. We provide access from the date of purchase, and you may spread your learning over multiple months, or refer back to it multiple times during your access period. Courses consist of a series of videos, activities, and small assignments.

Great question! We offer an array of courses covering different topics and choosing one really comes down to what you want to learn at this point. You can enrol your team or email me for a quote to provide organisational training. e:

We offer a 10% discount when you enrol in multiple courses at the same time through our bundle packages.

You can purchase your course on our website using a credit card. If you require alternative methods of payment, for example, bank transfer, please email

What are the terms and conditions of refunds?

The terms and conditions for refunds can be found here.

Feedback from some of the trainings

“Best! This is a very interesting training. Coming from a country where LGBTQ+ is not accepted, and a male centered society, I am glad I learn those important information because it helps broaden my understanding. Rated 5 out of 5 stars”

Sheila Funubo University of the Sth Pacific

A quick note to anyone considering this course Lana Woolf is a fantastic trainer that makes complex intersectional theory accessible and implementable.

Julie Kunn – Julie Kunn Consulting

“I have just completed this free “Pride and Power” training course by Lana Woolf and am about to start “Beyond Pride: Year Round Action”.

I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone, not only those in development work (although definitely for you too.) it is an introduction, an astoundingly good one!

Check out her website and access loads of high quality information”

Danika Schultz