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Using story as a participatory research & community development

In this recorded webinar, Lana Woolf talks about using story as both a participatory research method, and a participatory community development method. She shared examples, of using Talanoa in a humanitarian research project and a DRR research project in the Pacific. Lana discussed using Narrative Inquiry as a social protection research method and using action-orientated storytelling in a WASH project.

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Participatory Action Research in Practice

Lana Woolf shares her experiences leading a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene related Participatory Action Research project alongside local communities in Eastern Indonesia. She will share examples from working alongside groups of people who identify as blind or have low vision, people who are deaf, people with physical disabilities, cisgender women living with poverty and Waria / transpuan people.

When: Thursday 19th October 2023

Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm AEDT

Creating risk assessments with community

Lana Woolf will share experiences of using a ‘dignity of risk’ approach, through co-designing risk assessments and mitigation strategies with the diverse communities made up of people with diverse SOGIESC she works alongside – making space for centring communities lived experience of navigating risk everyday. Using examples from a Participatory Action Research WASH project.

When: Thursday 16th November2023

Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm AEDT

Using community mapping as a participatory research method

Lana Woolf shares her experiences using Community Asset Mapping alongside people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. She will share examples from a humanitarian research project in Fiji and a social protection research project in South East Asia.

When: Thursday 15th February 2024

Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm

Using story circle as a collaborative evaluation method

Lana Woolf shares her experience of using story circles as a participatory evaluation method alongside local communities. She will share the example of using this method in a Participatory Action Research project with a community of people who are blind or have low vision in two different locations in Eastern Indonesia.

When: Thursday 14th March 2024

Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm

Using a values based approach to coaching with SRHR practitioners

Using examples from her experiences coaching Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights practitioners from Ethiopia, Laos, Mozambique, Myanmar Uganda, Zimbabwe, Lana unpacks the necessity of a values-based coaching in supporting practitioners to change social norms and deepen social inclusion.

When: Thursday 18th April 2024

Time: 5.00pm – 5.45pm