External Supervision & Coaching

I offer two coaching programs for social inclusion practitioners in the local and international community development and humanitarian sectors.

1 x 1:1 coaching program. This 8 session program is available to individual practitioners. They are able to sign up at any time, and start the coaching program at their own convenience.

1 x group coaching program. This program is only available to organisations who purchase a group coaching program for staff (and partners)

The methodology of the coaching program I lead, includes the important techniques of values clarification, strengths identification, goal setting and action planning. (consistent with my work in reflective practice, training methodology and Co-design and Participatory Action Research)

Step 1 of the coaching / supervision process brings into focus the personal values and strengths of the social inclusion practitioner

Step 2 of the coaching / supervision process is to identify the practitioners ultimate destination in terms of a practice vision and track one’s progress along value directions (i.e., goal setting)

Step 3 is about MAPing – (My Action Plan) to plan the next step, taking the terrain (barriers) and social resources (social support) into account to help you achieve your goals. (i.e. goal progress)

Step 4: is about supporting your ‘journey’. It embeds consistent reflective practice to the forefront, and supports you to consider what is working? What is not working? What needs to change? and what support you need?

It is important to note that although this process is very much grounded in goal setting, that it is also iterative. Your process to achieve your goals may change due to differing contexts, assumptions that don’t play out or any number of reasons. Your goals themselves may change. What I do know that is research shows that if we take a values based approach – that we are happier, feel more content with our life journey and more likely to achieve our goals.

You can access my coaching program in the same way that you can access the Community Powered Responses training programs. Through the Community Powered Responses LMS site. Links are below or on my training page.

1:1 Coaching for Social Inclusion practitioners

✔️ Values Based Program

✔️ Self-Paced Modules

✔️ Access the CPR Community of Practice

✔️ Book your coaching sessions through the online booking system.

Group Coaching for Social Inclusion practitioners.

✔️ Values Based Program

✔️ Modular Based Program that aligns with group coaching sessions

✔️ Access the CPR Community of Practice

✔️ Option to combine with specific CPR training program

For more information on my coaching / supervision services you can contract me here